Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Making a Difference

I was talking with someone this afternoon and they pointed out that some of the links in this week's iLife Journey are no longer correct! I guess that happens in the fast paced digital world.

So, here are some updates and other ideas to make a difference:

Relevant Magazine has changed their website. Now the best place to look for social justice content is at the menu at the top, under the “Life” tab and the “Reject Apathy”. You’ll find some good things, although most of it is in blog format. BUT, once you get into that section, you can look at the top and you will see “magazine”. That is NOT Relevant, but an e-magazine called “Reject Apathy Digital Issue 01”. There is some really good stuff there. There are also web sites about each area.

Also, this is a great site:

It helps you find web sites which target particular areas of socially responsible shopping. Click also on the link they give for what they did back in July. There are some really good links.

Hope this helps and God bless you on the journey!

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