Monday, September 28, 2009

The Critical Week

This is a critical week in our journey together. The first two weeks you have established where you are on your own journey, as well as some changes that might need to occur in order for you to move forward. But now that you have cleaned house it is time to put things in action. This is the pivotal point where you decide whether or not you are going to take this journey seriously. Are you going to be different when these 40 days are over? Are you going to be able to say that you were intentional and that you gave this your absolute all? Let us all answer with a resounding "Yes!" and start running.

Keep in the mind the enemy is going to do everything in His power to distract you. Don't be surprised by extra work loads or sick family members. He will be vigilant in keeping you right where you are. But don't fall for his tactics. Ask the Lord for the grace to continue and the energy to be intentional.

I think we could all comment on how the enemy is working to keep us from running after God, but instead let's share what God has already done in our lives these past two weeks. God has helped me reconnect with someone in an effort to strengthen that relationship and I am so glad. I have been meaning to do it, but kept putting it on the back burner. I did it last week and it felt so good to finally be obedient! How about you? What steps have you taken so far?

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