Sunday, September 13, 2009

The iLife Journey Has Launched!

I hope you had a great day at one of our four worship services as we launched The iLife Journey with week 1, iLive/iDie: Reaching for Life. We want to make sure you have the tools for the journey. If you haven't gotten them, come by the church office at 6218 Auden and pick up the resources.

Tomorrow morning, we begin our reading together. I hope you have set some time aside and are anticipating some sweet time with the Lord tomorrow morning. Also, if you haven't already, go ahead and go through the Introduction and set some goals around each area of The iLife Journey.

Now, for the final part of this post. Answer this if you would: What do you want to see God do in you and in our church from The iLife Journey? Reply in the thread below.


  1. Thanks for leading us on the iLife journey!

  2. My want for me is that my life will be wholly flooded with Him so that my words and actions bring glory to Him alone. In our church, I would like for everyone to come to know God's love and experience His presence for themselves...not just having knowledge of God, but intimately knowing Him so that we have personal reasons to praise Him.

    As mentioned in the previous post, thank you for leading us on the iLife journey!

  3. My hopes for the study is for this to bring a "fresh fire" through our church. Let everyone who walks through the doors be blown away by HIS presence.

  4. My desire is to truly see and know Jesus in all of His glory and power and to share that experience with all around me.