Saturday, September 19, 2009

Laying it Down!

I am so glad that when we wrote The iLife Journey that we put a day of reflection in. Nick Howard gets the "atta-boy" for that thought. I am also so glad that we gave ourselves Saturday to get caught up, as I needed it in week one. So, now that I am caught up, let me ask you what was your biggest take away from this week?

Mine was learning to lay it all down. Beyond just my life as His disciple, I re-learned the powerful precept to lay my struggles, burdens, and desires at the feet of Jesus. I learned afresh to wait on Him. I had to lay down a desire for our fellowship, that I also see as a significant need. Yet, I, and the team that is working with me on it, have really struggled to get clarity of God's wisdom. I have been preaching, "To live, you gotta die first." Well, for this very thing, I decided to die to it. Now, I see the Lord moving in really amazing ways. His wisdom is coming into view and what took place this week was beyond coincidental. So, now I wait!

What about you? What is your big take away? By the way, keep it up! Finish, don't just start strong and fade away!

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  1. I have been a Christian for many years, but I cannot say that I have been a good one.

    I think that the first memory verse of the iLife Journey says it all. If we deny ourselves and take up our cross daily to follow Jesus, there is nothing left to worry about. I did have a hard time that week -- Satan?? Yes!! I had to give Jesus so many stressful things that came up.

    The second memory verse was for Worship. I realized that I was making up excuses to not Worship! But, I did worship every day anyway!

    Then, the third memory verse brought it all together even more for me. Perserverance! This week is becoming easier for me to apply week one -- because of perservering.

    I am hoping others are perservering, too, because the rewards are far too great to stop now.

    Karen Kraft