Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Personal Worship Blues, Part 2

The act of worship is a powerful one. It turns the heart, transforms the mind and changes the path of our lives. I have found the most amazing thing happens when I direct my heart to Him in worship. As I do so, God nudges my life along the path which He would have me go. My decision making is different when my life is centered in the worship of God. My priorities begin to reflect His priorities. And quite honestly, I am a better human being when I worship God (small wonder since He is the creator....). But not only that; because worship is an act which acknowledges the lordship of Christ and His right to rule in my life, those struggles which have their root in my own desire to be "the boss" seem to fade. Where pride lifts its ugly head, worship helps me recognize it for what it is. When I am angry, turning my heart to God releases me from that anger.

With all theat in mind, how crazy it would be if the only time we could do this were on Sundays at a church building somewhere!

I haven't given up. In fact, I have changed my strategy. I still work hard to carve out a time of personal worship every morning, but I have also learned to worship God as I go. I guess that's what I meant in my last post. I want to be close enough to God and sensitive to His Spirit in such a way that the act of worship is a very natural one which happens throughout the day. I'm not there yet, but I haven't given up. I wonder how my life would be different..... what about you?

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