Monday, September 21, 2009

Personal Worship Blues

I wonder how my life would be different if worship were more central to my daily life? What do I mean by that you might ask? Well, this may not be an issue for you, but I find that the pressures of daily life threaten (daily) to sqeeze personal worship out of my life.

The heart of worship is bowing our hearts before the throne of God and agreeing with God with what He says about who He is and who I am. Or, as Warren Wiersbe states so clearly, "Worship is the believer’s response of all that they are - mind, emotions, will, body - to what God is and says and does." (Warren Wiersbe, Real Worship, p. 26)

How about you? Is this a struggle you face? What do you think of Wiersbe's definition? I'll post some more thoughts later, but would love to hear yours!


  1. This week has given me alot to think about. I am beginning to see what it means to worship in spirit and truth. I guess today am thinking about what worship outside of Sunday morning experience looks like - at work, in the car, at home, out with friends. Is it more than an ongoing prayer?

  2. I think ongoing prayer is surely a part of it, but I think it is also reflecting on who God is and praising Him. I guess I tend to do a lot of asking in my prayer life. It seems like worship is a time in which God changes my perspective about who I am and what I need to do/be. Not sure this makes a lot of sense....